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  • “Hang on a minute,” you say, “branding is part of marketing, so how can it possibly come before it?” Spot on! Technically, the question doesn’t make sense, but we wanted to grab your attention, point out a common marketing oversight…


  • At Luminosity, we create themed brand identities that enable our clients to build their brands through branding that adds long-term value to their business. But what is a themed brand identity? Themed brand identities, explained First, it’s important to understand…


  • A clear strategy is critical to the success of any strategic manoeuvre, and forming a brand is no different. So what exactly is a brand strategy, and how do we build them at Luminosity? What should a brand strategy do?…


  • How can your business benefit from branding? Is branding really worth the investment? We think so. And we have the track record to prove the value of branding. What does branding do for your brand and business? To really understand…


  • There’s a lot of confusion out there about brands and branding. What’s a brand? What’s the difference between your brand and branding? Well, allow us to clarify things for you. What is a brand? Brand = Branding + Interaction/Experience A…


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