• Once upon a time, all you needed was a good website.

    Today, the battle for online hearts and minds is fought with a vast digital arsenal, from email campaigns and remarketing, to AdWords, PPC and SEO. Which digital channels will deliver the best ROI? How do you build a website that pleases Google, as well as your customers? That’s where our holistic mastery of all things digital comes in. Welcome to BirdBrain, our digital team.

  • Websites

    Website planning and IA

    Web design

    Web development


    Email marketing

    Online marketing


    SEO, SEM and CRO

    Search engine optimisation (SEO)

    Pay-per-click ads (SEM)

    Conversion rate optimisation

  • Digital that gives you results, not headaches

    We look at digital marketing the same way we look at the broader brand and branding picture. It has to be right for you and your market. It has to support your strategic business objectives. And it has to work. It has to deliver results.

    Tangible, quantifiable results.
    It isn’t about rolling out the same old solutions. It’s about finding the most cost-effective way of achieving your goals. Sometimes that means tailoring tried-and-tested strategies and tactics. Other times it means pioneering new ways to harness the potential of new technologies.
    And crucially, it’s also about making it easy for you. That means we talk to you in plain English about everything, from planning, designing and developing websites and apps, to defining and implementing a fluid digital marketing strategy. No gobbledegeek.
  • Want to find out more?

    Read more about our branding services and the benefits of thinking strategically and holistically about your brand strategy. Learn about our expertise in brand expression across the digital and marketing landscape. Or simply get in touch for an informal chat.

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