• A clear strategy is critical to the success of any strategic manoeuvre, and forming a brand is no different. A brand strategy clearly and concisely documents the fundamental thinking that defines the essence of the [intended] brand. It also addresses important business management issues like branding architecture, and marketing consideration such as market segmentation and messaging. All components are explained when we meet with you to discuss your specific business scenario and needs.

    Brand strategy components

    • Intelligence
    • Architecture
    • Foundation
    • Positioning
    • Market segmentation
    • Messaging & orientation

    Through a series of workshops with the executive management team or the business owners, Luminosity will help your business develop a brand strategy This will act as a guide to process of creating a marketing road map that defines your intended brand and fosters a united branding front across all business functions and throughout the organisation as a whole.

    The workshops cover the six components of a brand strategy including: how most of the industry is confused and how we make branding simple.

    To maximise branding consistency and recognition, thus strengthening the brand, your brand strategy document should become the reference point for every branding initiative. Your brand strategy will be used to inform the development of your brand identity and all expressions of the brand – website, signage, brochures, advertising, expo stands etc.

    Brand identity components:

    • Naming
    • Logo
    • Visual language (theme)
    • Verbal language
    • Expression

    After a briefing interview to clarify and identify your specific needs and objectives, the relevant components will be developed to create a targeted Brand identity for your business.

    See: Brand strategy examples

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