• A themed brand identity is a flexible “visual language” developed to represent the intended brand to the audience. A well-engineered theme delivers much more than visual consistency. A theme comprises a series of graphical and/or typographical devices to complement and support the logo in representing the intended brand intimately, accurately and effectively.


    Why a themed identity?

    Our goal is to generate the most value from every marketing opportunity, and from every marketing dollar you spend. A well-engineered theme creates a more powerful and effective communication platform which, in turn, delivers a higher return on marketing investment.

    Actions speak louder than words. So if your branding is more professional, engaging and compelling than your competitors – all other things being equal – who do you think your target market is more likely to trust and buy from?

    A theme is tirelessly working for you without you having to lift a finger – a passive “sales team” influencing customers before you’ve even spoken to them.

    A well-crafted theme takes the effectiveness of brand identity to a whole new level.


    How does it work?

    A picture tells a thousand words, and it’s impossible to stop our minds from forming opinions of the things we see – it’s an in-built involuntary reaction. A theme works to generate a positive perception that is aligned with the first (and lasting) impression you want to create.

    A theme communicates brand personality and attributes more effectively than the standard “photo, panel of colour and logo” approach. It generates a stronger affinity with, and confidence in, the product or company it represents.

    After two decades of reviewing and refining our branding methodology, we have come to understand that a well-crafted theme is by far the most effective way to:

    • create real competitive advantage
    • make it more difficult for competitors to compete with your branding
    • differentiate and position a business or product as an industry leader
    • improve branding awareness and recognition
    • better align your business with the needs and desires of the target customer
    • connect more effectively with people on an intrinsic level to gain their trust
    • give target customers more confidence to buy from you rather than your competitors
    • enable the flexibility to evolve or refresh your branding without changing your logo
    • connect with the needs and desires of your target customers – if you look like “their kind of business” then they’ll feel more comfortable talking to you
    • create a positive connection without saying a thing – let’s face it, your’re more likely to talk to someone if like (or are at least comfortable with) how they look
    • improve long-term business health, bottom line and value
    • maximise your return on marketing investment.

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